3rd Annual Holiday Market at Shale Ridge

3rd Annual Holiday Market at Shale Ridge

With over 1,000 visitors in just 2 days, the 3rd Annual Shale Ridge Holiday Market couldn't have been more amazing to set the mood for the Christmas season. We can't help but reminisce about the joyous festivities, local craftsmanship, and the vibrant community spirit that defined this beloved winter tradition. 

Without the support of the local community, the Shale Ridge team wouldn't have been able to have such a wonderful turnout. 

winter holiday market at shale ridge

The Shale Ridge Holiday Market Experience

For the first time ever, the underground cellar became open to the public for visitors to have a sneak peek at what is next to come to Shale Ridge. After months of preparing exciting new experiences, we couldn't be happier to say the underground cellar experience will be something spectacular with VIP treatment available exclusively for SR Club members.

underground cellar shale ridge

Nevertheless, the vibes at the Shale Ridge Holiday Market was unmatched like most things that happen here. Taking a visit to anyone of our annual markets whether it be in winter, spring, or summer is always a pleasure for anybody looking for a good time. 

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Showcasing Local Makers

With a fine selection of local makers from our local community, visitors had the chance to explore new creations while discovering what these small businesses have to offer. 

This winter holiday market brings together unique artisans, putting together a variety of things like jewelry, art, candles, food, skin care, and even curated travel trips.

Every year, the selection is bound to feature many special businesses that visitors come across as you shop and sip around the market.

vendors at shale ridge holiday market

A Winter Holiday Market for Everyone

This event isn't just a market; it's an experience for everyone. Families, friends, and individuals alike are invited to join us for a day filled with Christmas cheer, local shopping, and the magic that only the holiday season can bring.

As we step into planning our 4th year, the market promises to be more enchanting than ever, with surprises, delights, and a festive atmosphere that welcomes all.

winter holiday market

How To Join Us for the 4th Annual Holiday Market

To be part of this magical experience, mark your calendars and prepare for the 4th Annual Shale Ridge Holiday Market.

Relive the magic of the past event and anticipate an even more enchanting celebration of community, creativity, and the festive spirit.

Stay tuned for updates on ticket sales, vendor line-ups, and the myriad of delights that await you at Shale Ridge.

If you'd like to be the first to hear about ticket sales or vendor applications, be sure to sign up for our newsletter and earn 10% off your next purchase.

holiday market experience at shale ridge

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