Local Delivery Schedule

Our local delivery schedule for wine and cider operates on a biweekly basis for the London area and Sarnia.

  • Order Cut-Off: Place your order by Wednesday at 5 pm to be included in the next delivery cycle. Orders delivered on Thursday between 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

  • Delivery Areas: Depending on your forward sortation area (the first three digits of your postal code), you will either fall into the Sarnia area or the London area for local delivery.

For SR club members

  • Quarterly Deliveries: Deliveries are made on a quarterly basis.

  • Cut-Off Dates: Specific cut-off dates for the next shipment can be found on the product page of the membership you sign up for.

You can place an order online for the next scheduled delivery date in your area, ensuring timely and reliable delivery of your products.

Sarnia & Area

N7S: Sarnia Central

N7T: Sarnia Southwest

N7V: Sarnia Northwest

N7W: Sarnia Southeast

N7X: Sarnia Northeast

N0N: Lambton County

N0P: Kent County (some eligible delivery areas included); 1C0: Bothwell, 1K0: Croton, 1M0: Dresden, 1R0: Florence, 1S0: Grande Pointe, 1T0: Highgate, 1V0: Kent Bridge, 2C0: Ridgetown, 2K0: Thamesville, 2M0: Tupperville, 2R0: Wilkesport

N0L: Elgin County (some eligible delivery areas included); 1A0: Appin, 1H0: Duart, 1J0: Dutton, 1M0: Glencoe, 1P0: Iona Station, 1X0: Muirkirk, 1Z0: Newbury, 2C0: Rodney, 2J0: Springfield, 2M0: Wallacetown, 2N0: Wardsville, 2P0: West Lorne

N7M: Chatham–Kent Southeast

N7L: Chatham–Kent Northwest

London & Area

N5V: London (YXU / North and East Argyle / East Huron Heights)

N5W: London East (SW Argyle / Hamilton Road)

N5X: London (Fanshawe / Stoneybrook / Stoney Creek / Uplands / East Masonville)

N5Y: London (West Huron Heights / Carling)

N5Z: London (Glen Cairn)

N6A: London North (UWO)

N6B: London Central

N6C: London South (East Highland / North White Oaks / North Westminster)

N6E: London (South White Oaks / Central Westminster / East Longwoods / West Brockley)

N6G: London (Sunningdale / West Masonville / Medway / NE Hyde Park / East Fox Hollow)

N6H: London West (Central Hyde Park / Oakridge)

N6J: London (Southcrest / East Westmount / West Highland)

N6K: London (Riverbend / Woodhull / North Sharon Creek / Byron / West Westmount)

N6L: London (East Tempo)

N6M: London (Jackson / Old Victoria / Bradley / North Highbury)

N6N: London & Derwent

N6P: London (Talbot / Lambeth / West Tempo / South Sharon Creek)

N7L: Chatham–Kent Northwest

N7M: Chatham–Kent Southeast

N4X: St. Marys

N0M: Middlesex County

N0L: Elgin County (some eligible delivery areas): 1C0: Brownsville, 1E0: Delaware, 1G0: Dorchester, 1K0: Fingal, 1N0: Harrietsville, 1R0: Komoka, 1T0: Melbourne, 1V0: Mossley, 1W0: Mount Brydges, 1Y0: Muncey, 2B0: Putnam, 2E0: Shedden, 2G0: Southwold, 2H0: Sparta, 2K0: Talbotville Royal, 2L0: Union

Get Your Wine & Cider Delivered

Enjoy the convenience of our local delivery service for wine and cider in the London and Sarnia areas. Simply place your order by Wednesday at 5 pm to be included in our biweekly delivery cycle.

All local deliveries are always delivered on Thursdays between the hours of 10:00 AM to 6:00 pm