Applications CLOSED for 2024

Thank-you for your interest in Shale Ridge Estate Winery & Cidery.

We have reached our max capacity with sponsorship requests and commitments for 2024 and will no longer be taking any further requests for this year.

Feel free to try back again next year. Wishing you all a successful year with everything you are working on.


The Team at Shale Ridge

Request Application Form


To ensure that we can properly consider all requests, we kindly ask that you complete our request form and provide us with all relevant details (please click on the "learn more" button below that will take you to our form).

We look forward to hearing about your request and considering a potential partnership.

Please Note * We are unable to consider sponsorship requests for personal events (weddings, stag & does, birthdays, etc).



Are you or someone you know looking for a unique opportunity for their sports team or next meanigful project? Look no further, we're here to support! Shale Ridge offers competitive profit margins and we'd love to tell you more details. Click the button below to view our order form and how it works!