Sips & Strollers: A Mom's Day Out at Shale Ridge Estate Winery

Sips & Strollers: A Mom's Day Out at Shale Ridge Estate Winery


At Shale Ridge Estate Winery, a sunny Thursday afternoon brought something special: the very first "Sips and Strollers" event. Moms from all around gathered for a day of connection, relaxation, and charity.

The Buzz Begins: Excitement rippled through the community at the event's announcement. Tickets flew off the shelves in just six hours, showing how eager local moms were for a day of fun and friendship, all while supporting the Ronald McDonald House.

A Warm Welcome: Under the golden sunlight, moms arrived with strollers in tow, ready for a warm reception. Laughter filled the air as old friends caught up and new ones were made against the scenic backdrop of the vineyard.

Sips and Savories: The heart of the event lay in the delicious treats on offer. From authentic pinsas to artisanal charcuterie boards, attendees indulged in a culinary adventure, accompanied by Shale Ridge's renowned wine and cider flights.

A Toast to Giving Back: Amidst the laughter and enjoyment, there was also reflection on the day's purpose. Every ticket sold contributed to the Ronald McDonald House, bringing comfort to families in need.

 As the sun dipped behind the hills, the first Sips and Strollers event drew to a close, leaving behind cherished memories and new connections. For the attending moms, it was a day of community, generosity, and the simple joy of good company and great wine.