Sip into Sparkling Bliss with Shale Ridge's Cotton Candy Glitter Bombs!

Sip into Sparkling Bliss with Shale Ridge's Cotton Candy Glitter Bombs!

Indulge in a magical experience that transcends the ordinary with Shale Ridge's Cotton Candy Glitter Bombs! Our enchanting concoction transforms the elegance of our classic Lucia Sparkling Blanc into a whimsical pink delight, guaranteed to ignite your taste buds and dazzle your senses.

Crafting these delightful treats is as simple as it is fun. Here's all you need and how to make them:


  • Bottle of Lucia Sparkling Blanc
  • Cotton Candy
  • Edible Glitter (pink)


  1. Begin by pulling a piece of cotton candy and adding a generous sprinkle of edible pink glitter to its center.
  2. Carefully roll the cotton candy into a compact ball, ensuring the glitter is evenly distributed throughout.
  3. Next, pour the exquisite Lucia Sparkling Blanc into a champagne glass, allowing its effervescence to tantalize your anticipation.
  4. With a flourish, drop your glitter bomb into the glass of sparkling Blanc, watching as it infuses the drink with its mesmerizing hues.
  5. Give it a gentle swirl to mix the flavors and colors, creating a spectacle of shimmering delight.
  6. For a final touch of elegance, accent your glass with a dainty bow around the stem, elevating the presentation to pure perfection.

Cheers to Joyous Moments! As you raise your glass adorned with this sparkling wonder, savor every effervescent sip that dances upon your palate. Whether it's a festive gathering with friends or a quiet moment of self-indulgence, our Cotton Candy Glitter Bombs add a touch of whimsy and magic to any occasion.

So why wait? Gather your ingredients, unleash your creativity, and embark on a journey of taste and enchantment. It's time to elevate your celebrations to new heights and create memories that sparkle with joy and delight. 



Cheers to the magical moments ahead! 🥂✨