Shale Ridge Celebrates 3rd Birthday with Grand Opening

Shale Ridge Celebrates 3rd Birthday with Grand Opening

Ever since 2019, Shale Ridge Estate Winery & Cidery has been progressing to bring our ciders and wines to the homes and local establishments across Ontario. On April 21, 2023, Shale Ridge celebrated it's 3rd birthday with a grand opening that exceeded all expectations. The event was a chance for the owners and our team to showcase the farm-to-glass wines and ciders that all started on a local farm.

The Grand Opening 

During the grand opening of Shale Ridge Estate Winery & Cidery, we celebrated many accomplishments with special guests that included our Mayor Doug, our MP Lianne Rood M.P, and our counsellor Jeff for a long awaiting ribbon-cutting ceremony. This was a meaningful moment that was shared with family, friends, customers, and our winemaker, Steve Byfield.

shale ridge ribbon cutting ceremony

The Birthday Celebration

The 3rd birthday celebration of Shale Ridge was a wonderful experience that included festive activities where guests were treated to live music, food, and of course, the exceptional wines and ciders that the winery and cidery is known for. 

Attendees and customers who were present at the birthday celebration were impressed by the new building that has now been open since we first started with our small farm store and outdoor seating. 

shale ridge 3rd birthday

The Wines and Ciders

Shale Ridge is proud to offer a variety of wine and cider options with only real ingredients, no sketchy additives. We're proud to say if we don't grow it on the farm it's all sourced locally because everything can be grown in Ontario. 

One of the unique features of Shale Ridge's wines and ciders is that we of put a modern spin on the European tradition of winemaking and cidermaking. The winery and cidery utilizes small batch production techniques, which allows for greater control over the quality and flavour of each batch.

Additionally, by using local ingredients whenever possible, it helps to support our local community and ensures the freshest ingredients are used in every can or bottle. 

shale ridge team