Crisp Apple Hard Cider

Style: Dry      ABV: 6.5%

Shale Ridge takes pride in the true taste of our homegrown Apples. This classic, crisp and clean cider showcases the carefully selected 5 apple blend in every sip. Proudly made with nothing but real ingredients on our farm. Naturally Gluten-Free.

  • Apples & Grapes

    The foundation of every bottle or can. Whether it be Cider or Wine, these are two of the sole ingredients used that are sourced right from the farm or if we don’t grow it, it’s sourced from other local farmers!

    Farm Fresh Fruits

    Given our very wide selection of flavoured ciders, peach, pear, blueberry, hops, mint, strawberry, cranberry and so much more! We’re proud to say if we don’t grow it on the farm, it’s all sourced locally. Everything you can grow in Ontario.

    Raw Cane Sugar

    Unlike those typical ciders & wines we don’t use too much (or any at all)— and that’s how we like it. With more impurities than refined sugar for a more natural taste, and a slight fruity aroma.

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Cathy Martin
Crisp Apple Hard Cider

I bought six cans of cider as a gift for my daughter-in-law’s birthday. She and I have tried several flavours of your cider. We generally like the more tart (i.e. less sweet) ciders. We would both like to have more cherry flavour in the cherry apple cider, but generally like your hard ciders.

Karen Edward

It was crisp and refreshing. I would highly recommend it.

Emily Branton
So well named!

A deliciously crisp cider! Great for folks like me who don't like the sweet stuff!

Stephanie Thuss
My favorite

This flavor is my all time favorite, dry but still a little sweet! I will buy it again and again.

Margarida Pontes

Absolutely delicious!