Who We Are

Eco-Friendly Farmers with a Passion for Cider & Wine

Alicia & Garren strive to create hard cider and wine beverages for everyone to enjoy! Our family has a history of producing quality fruits and reducing our carbon footprint. All our beverages come from our farm located in Ontario. Our mission is to promote the history behind cider and keep the quality alive!

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What We Represent

Hand Crafted Drinks

We use our own hand-picked, high quality apples from our family farm in our ciders that we craft with care on-site.

Tasting Experiences

Bring the farm to your glass by seeing the Windmill, Tractor, Apple Trees and Apples that are located on our farm.

Shale Ridge Terroir

Our farm is located on a ridge and our soil is enriched with shale rock, creating the ultimate terroir. Hence the name, Shale Ridge.

Quality Craft Cider

Our roots of English history emphasize our take on dry-styled cider that caters to all of the classic cider drinkers.