Cranberry Spice Hard Cider

Style: Semi-Sweet     ABV: 7%

Festive in a bottle. Limited time seasonal cider infused with fresh cranberries and mulled spices. Cranberry forward with hints of tart apple and a lingering spicy finish. 

Naturally Gluten-Free.

  • Apples & Grapes

    The foundation of every bottle or can. Whether it be Cider or Wine, these are two of the sole ingredients used that are sourced right from the farm or if we don’t grow it, it’s sourced from other local farmers!

    Farm Fresh Fruits

    Given our very wide selection of flavoured ciders, peach, pear, blueberry, hops, mint, strawberry, cranberry and so much more! We’re proud to say if we don’t grow it on the farm, it’s all sourced locally. Everything you can grow in Ontario.

    Raw Cane Sugar

    Unlike those typical ciders & wines we don’t use too much (or any at all)— and that’s how we like it. With more impurities than refined sugar for a more natural taste, and a slight fruity aroma.

Customer Reviews

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Honey Masse

Cranberry Spice Hard Cider

Joanne Derry

Cranberry Spice Hard Cider

Nicole Veens
Must Have For The Holidays!

This is the PERFECT holiday bevy!

Mary KP
Cranberry Spice - Yum!

Loved the tasting at the winery and bought a bottle with thoughts of serving it 'warmed up' like a mulled wine. Haven't tried it yet but as the weather cools, will be giving it a go :~)

Delicious with just the right amount of spice!

The cranberry spice wine was delicious and perfect with Turkey dinner with all the trimmings and also enjoyed a glass by a roaring thanksgiving campfire